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Jim Piccolo: innovative thinker

The innovative thinker – Jim Piccolo

Jim Piccolo is an innovator and an entrepreneur with a vision to thrive over his competitors in no time. Have you ever thought why term entrepreneurs as innovators and not inventors, although they give something different to the world? That is the catch. Different and not new, inventor is someone who invents a new product or process. On the other hand, innovator brings changes to the existing product or process to give it a better usage and becomes entrepreneur.

Jim Piccolo is also an innovator who gaze on the pebble thrown by the inventor in the river and wait for the ripple, to discover the first wave before it happens. He got into various ventures with dissimilar trades and rocked it with his innovative ideas.

Jim Piccolo says,” There is always a better way to do something and an entrepreneur never gives up finding it again and again. With these regular attempts revolution takes place.”

How Jim Piccolo does it so conveniently?

I have seen entrepreneurs and have read a lot of articles on entrepreneurship but there are very few who have the courage to put their feet in two completely different boats at the same time. Jim Piccolo is a serial entrepreneur who has excelled in more than one domain.

Now the question arises, how can he do it so neatly? The answer is simple, because that is what an entrepreneur does. Everyone who has a business cannot be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur finds their own ways of accomplishing the tasks and not the existing way.

If you start a business with same product line and similar strategy, you can complete with the existing provider. But, if you make alterations and add new features, you stand out from the crowd and without any competition, you win.

This is how Jim Piccolo has established his name so conveniently because he never had an actual competition. He was always standing on the other side of the finishing line.

However, Jim Piccolo adds, “If you really want to have a hold over market, not only concentrate on the technology but also on the market demand. Know what your customer are looking for. Price and technology will follow.”

Jim Piccolo revolutionary ideas

I would like to borrow your attention to showcase few of the innovations that ruled the market in their times. Jim Piccolo started Nouveau Riche which was a vocational college for real estate investment training but he added MLM to the structure where students could earn while studying.

You must be aware of Bizzibiz, which again has a distinct concept. In 2011, digital marketing was at its peak and giving way to numerous opportunities and Jim Piccolo announced a franchise to sell digital marketing with a motive to empower small businesses.

He has been involved in many ventures and says,” You should have more than one stream of income which can finance each other. It will give you time to enjoy your money.”

His latest finding with Tecademics is again a remarkable step. He is giving training on internet marketing through this platform and as I said the concept is totally different. You can learn online as well as through seminars and with you mentor.

Jim Piccolo has always managed to find the opportunity before anyone else does and will soon be ready for the next wave.