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Digital Marketing – The latest market trend

Do you ever look back and analyse how the way of communication, marketing and career goals have changed? Few years back we used to dial keypad on the mobile phones and now we use touch screen. Likewise, Digital Marketing is at the verge to become the new trend soon.

The transition is slow but sudden. It wont give us time to understand the changes until it will start affecting every social to professional structure. Many expertise will become out of date and people jobless.

You must remember the era when every transaction and data entry were started on computers and files were put to the store. Many individual either learnt how to operate computers or had to leave the job.

Similarly, we should always be prepared about the change that is about to happen. Though this blog, I would like to share my views on changes that can have a spontaneous affect in the coming years.

Digital Marketing

Go back and remember, the traditional ways of job search mostly happened through newspaper ads. Now we have,, and various other online portal.

We still have newspaper ads but the usage is declining with a fastest rate. Similarly, for searching on a particular topic, we do not need an encyclopedia, google is just a click away.

The curve is growing upward and with every passing time it’s getting even steeper. So, understand the importance of digital marketing for your company. Let your business grow parallel with the technological advancement.

You never know, when you will be out of the race. so do not lose time that you still have and can vanish without alarming.

Small business outlook of digital marketing

As per Digital Marketing Bench-marking tool, very few entrepreneurs have reached level 5(optimized level).There are many who are still struggling to be at level 1(initial level) and 2(managed level).

Digital Marketing Bench-marking tool
 ranks businesses as per their digital marketing capability. The scale is defined with 5 point maturity level.

Few have reached level 4(Quantified level) and are still way behind the final level. However, the average rank still stays on level 3(Defined level).

So, as per the survey, there is still a long route for an overall change to occur but it can happen any day, so keep your weapons ready when it knocks your door.

Jim Piccolo
,  says, “Change is a very slow process and it takes time to actually occur. But when it does, it does with full force. Those who are left behind and are not prepared, stays in their timeline and the world moves on.”

Such a simple way of stating the meaning of changing trend but it holds lots of meaning.Jim Piccolo says, “Do not leave anything for tomorrow that you can accomplish today and the quote perfectly fits into this scenario.

Time and tide never waits for anyone and so does the technology, keep updating your business to face new tomorrow any day soon.

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