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Jim as a Entrepreneur

Jim Piccolo is one among those names who has not only made it possible but has always tried to make many more self-dependent through his experience and knowledge.

We have learned about many entrepreneurs who created their empire from scratch and established the faith on hard work and high thinking.

He talks about development and quotes that a nation’s development is possible when more people join hands in the league of making their own future through entrepreneurship.

He is self-made and carries the responsibility of making the youths understand the importance of self-confidence which he consistently addresses in his public speeches.

And yes, coming back to public speaking, he is well recognized speaker and has visited many countries to spread the vision he has of making the world a better place with bigger economy.


After graduating from Business from the University of Nebraska, he put his entire energy in utilizing whatever he learned at his college and since then through his continuous hard work and passion and an attitude to never give up has maintained a stature which others look up to.

This itself is the biggest achievement a person can accomplish.

He affirmed his goal of making people self-dependent and self employed by giving them the comfort of working from home while enjoying the perks of the job.

Tru Dynamics International Inc

He started Tru Dynamics International Inc.  and since then has been the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Tru Dynamics International Inc.

TDI is a wellness, educational and lifestyle marketing company with a mounting emphasis on universal electronic commerce.

The company’s various Products are designed to train and provision individuals in their expansion of income sources for home-based businesses.

This is just an example and the endeavours are way beneath the article’s scope which can only be felt being a part of the race whose track Jim Piccolo has already designed for us.

“Leaders are not created, they are born” and who said that you are not a born leader. Before deciding that for yourself, try, try until you achieve.

That should be the end of your attempts. With the same focus, Jim Piccolo not only grow himself but made sure to motivate all others associated with him to follow the same goal.

He has never restricted him in a similar field but has tried his skills and acumen of subject in variety of domains and succeeded with pomp and splendour which eradicates all the taboo claiming that success can only be achieved by rigorous hard work in the same field.

He is a master of various trades and very well justifies his position everywhere.

With wisdom, humbleness comes and hence the same has carved Jim Piccolo’s personality and has introduced him as one of the greatest philanthropist of his time.

Contribution to Society

With every new errand, he grows bigger and doubles the contribution towards the society.

He has always been acknowledged to donate for children’s trust as they will form the future of the country and strengthening their career and education will directly affect the country’s economy.

His ability to thrive the profit of every business he associates with has enabled him to be one of the trustworthy entrepreneur.

People always are keen to know the upcoming agendas he has on list and now he has startled everyone with his new announcement of Tecadmics which is a hub to master the art of internet marketing and make a living out of it.

It has all the ingredients and various protocol to learn and then apply mechanism which will benefit individual in long terms.

Jim Piccolo also excel in Martial arts and if you mark his words, he quotes, “Business in Combat” which I interpret as a battleground where you fight until you win crossing all the ups and downs.

He affirms that his focus and dedication is a part of what Martial arts has gifted him. Jim Piccolo is a warrior and his endeavour very much proves what he wants to deliver and what he wants to achieve.

He not only continues to contribute through his charity and donations but also encourages his students and peers to do the same and be at the nation’s service.

This way he manifolds his contribution and is creating a future that will not only ask from the society but will always be eager to give back to the society and that is a true charity.

Media Attention

Because of his success in numerous trades and domains, he has learned various tactics that are necessary for one’s continuous development and hence has created a perfect atmosphere for his employees where they can have the same privilege to learn while working.

In 2004, Biz AZ Magazine recognized his business spaces as one of the “Coolest Places to Work.”

While Mr. Piccolo has recently invested his assets in some of his companies to expand into new areas, his influence in the business world is still dense.

After considering his accomplishments, we can clearly say that he will excel in every way possible and getting associated with his plans will always be a great opportunity.

Jim Piccolo is the face for the coming future and his visions have already created a lot of difference and will keep on doing the same.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – The latest market trend

Do you ever look back and analyse how the way of communication, marketing and career goals have changed? Few years back we used to dial keypad on the mobile phones and now we use touch screen. Likewise, Digital Marketing is at the verge to become the new trend soon.

The transition is slow but sudden. It wont give us time to understand the changes until it will start affecting every social to professional structure. Many expertise will become out of date and people jobless.

You must remember the era when every transaction and data entry were started on computers and files were put to the store. Many individual either learnt how to operate computers or had to leave the job.

Similarly, we should always be prepared about the change that is about to happen. Though this blog, I would like to share my views on changes that can have a spontaneous affect in the coming years.

Digital Marketing

Go back and remember, the traditional ways of job search mostly happened through newspaper ads. Now we have,, and various other online portal.

We still have newspaper ads but the usage is declining with a fastest rate. Similarly, for searching on a particular topic, we do not need an encyclopedia, google is just a click away.

The curve is growing upward and with every passing time it’s getting even steeper. So, understand the importance of digital marketing for your company. Let your business grow parallel with the technological advancement.

You never know, when you will be out of the race. so do not lose time that you still have and can vanish without alarming.

Small business outlook of digital marketing

As per Digital Marketing Bench-marking tool, very few entrepreneurs have reached level 5(optimized level).There are many who are still struggling to be at level 1(initial level) and 2(managed level).

Digital Marketing Bench-marking tool
 ranks businesses as per their digital marketing capability. The scale is defined with 5 point maturity level.

Few have reached level 4(Quantified level) and are still way behind the final level. However, the average rank still stays on level 3(Defined level).

So, as per the survey, there is still a long route for an overall change to occur but it can happen any day, so keep your weapons ready when it knocks your door.

Jim Piccolo
,  says, “Change is a very slow process and it takes time to actually occur. But when it does, it does with full force. Those who are left behind and are not prepared, stays in their timeline and the world moves on.”

Such a simple way of stating the meaning of changing trend but it holds lots of meaning.Jim Piccolo says, “Do not leave anything for tomorrow that you can accomplish today and the quote perfectly fits into this scenario.

Time and tide never waits for anyone and so does the technology, keep updating your business to face new tomorrow any day soon.

Jim Piccolo: innovative thinker

The innovative thinker – Jim Piccolo

Jim Piccolo is an innovator and an entrepreneur with a vision to thrive over his competitors in no time. Have you ever thought why term entrepreneurs as innovators and not inventors, although they give something different to the world? That is the catch. Different and not new, inventor is someone who invents a new product or process. On the other hand, innovator brings changes to the existing product or process to give it a better usage and becomes entrepreneur.

Jim Piccolo is also an innovator who gaze on the pebble thrown by the inventor in the river and wait for the ripple, to discover the first wave before it happens. He got into various ventures with dissimilar trades and rocked it with his innovative ideas.

Jim Piccolo says,” There is always a better way to do something and an entrepreneur never gives up finding it again and again. With these regular attempts revolution takes place.”

How Jim Piccolo does it so conveniently?

I have seen entrepreneurs and have read a lot of articles on entrepreneurship but there are very few who have the courage to put their feet in two completely different boats at the same time. Jim Piccolo is a serial entrepreneur who has excelled in more than one domain.

Now the question arises, how can he do it so neatly? The answer is simple, because that is what an entrepreneur does. Everyone who has a business cannot be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur finds their own ways of accomplishing the tasks and not the existing way.

If you start a business with same product line and similar strategy, you can complete with the existing provider. But, if you make alterations and add new features, you stand out from the crowd and without any competition, you win.

This is how Jim Piccolo has established his name so conveniently because he never had an actual competition. He was always standing on the other side of the finishing line.

However, Jim Piccolo adds, “If you really want to have a hold over market, not only concentrate on the technology but also on the market demand. Know what your customer are looking for. Price and technology will follow.”

Jim Piccolo revolutionary ideas

I would like to borrow your attention to showcase few of the innovations that ruled the market in their times. Jim Piccolo started Nouveau Riche which was a vocational college for real estate investment training but he added MLM to the structure where students could earn while studying.

You must be aware of Bizzibiz, which again has a distinct concept. In 2011, digital marketing was at its peak and giving way to numerous opportunities and Jim Piccolo announced a franchise to sell digital marketing with a motive to empower small businesses.

He has been involved in many ventures and says,” You should have more than one stream of income which can finance each other. It will give you time to enjoy your money.”

His latest finding with Tecademics is again a remarkable step. He is giving training on internet marketing through this platform and as I said the concept is totally different. You can learn online as well as through seminars and with you mentor.

Jim Piccolo has always managed to find the opportunity before anyone else does and will soon be ready for the next wave.

Jim Piccolo

There is always more to say – Says Jim Piccolo

What does gratitude mean? Have you ever taken your time and looked back to say thanks to your driver who leaves you office or the office boy who brings your coffee every day?


Some of you might have and some might not. But, here we will talk more than just saying thank you. I want you guys to acknowledge what you have been thinking not necessary in your life. It’s about appreciating others.

Jim Piccolo a habitual entrepreneur who has come across millions of people in his life, some big personalities and many regular employed people or his students.

He says, “gratitude can not only bring happiness but can help you bond with people. People who run your business or take your service or product. If they build a relation with you for a simple thank you, you need not worry about your product quality or company reputation.”

Jim Piccolo while addressing audiences

“Worrying about things in your life is just a part. Do not make it your habit as time passes and it will pass too. Plan about your future as it still has to come” said Jim Piccolo while addressing a seminar.

We need to move on and building relation with your close one either family or friends or whosoever you meet on a regular basis gives you the strength to fight against hostile situations. He has always been the face of his ventures because of his credibility that he has gained which is an outcome of humble attitude.

Many earn for living and many hire to provide income but he as an entrepreneur works to bring the change that has been delaying from a long time and says, “I am here to empower others because wealth has given me the responsibility to give it back to the society.”

Worth of appreciation

Jim Piccolo says, “try to thank everyone around for their small help and you will feel the change inside you. You will feel great not because you did something extraordinary but because you will realize what appreciation is worth of.”

He believes that if individuals start taking initiative to tell people about the difference they bring however small it may be, can make life simple.

Jim Piccolo believes, “Entrepreneurs are successful because of the hands that share their loads and hence it becomes even more important to understand the worth of each share.”

Business are built of people and not money

Few entrepreneurs have the ideology of starting ventures for money and some like Jim Piccolo thinks that loving people and using money is the right attitude and not the other way around.

“To live life to the fullest, we need to learn to give and for that we need to have and hence we earn to give back to the society”, Jim Piccolo says.

His philosophies have always made a difference in the life of people around and he target to continue the same with his life till he can.