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There is always more to say – Says Jim Piccolo

What does gratitude mean? Have you ever taken your time and looked back to say thanks to your driver who leaves you office or the office boy who brings your coffee every day?


Some of you might have and some might not. But, here we will talk more than just saying thank you. I want you guys to acknowledge what you have been thinking not necessary in your life. It’s about appreciating others.

Jim Piccolo a habitual entrepreneur who has come across millions of people in his life, some big personalities and many regular employed people or his students.

He says, “gratitude can not only bring happiness but can help you bond with people. People who run your business or take your service or product. If they build a relation with you for a simple thank you, you need not worry about your product quality or company reputation.”

Jim Piccolo while addressing audiences

“Worrying about things in your life is just a part. Do not make it your habit as time passes and it will pass too. Plan about your future as it still has to come” said Jim Piccolo while addressing a seminar.

We need to move on and building relation with your close one either family or friends or whosoever you meet on a regular basis gives you the strength to fight against hostile situations. He has always been the face of his ventures because of his credibility that he has gained which is an outcome of humble attitude.

Many earn for living and many hire to provide income but he as an entrepreneur works to bring the change that has been delaying from a long time and says, “I am here to empower others because wealth has given me the responsibility to give it back to the society.”

Worth of appreciation

Jim Piccolo says, “try to thank everyone around for their small help and you will feel the change inside you. You will feel great not because you did something extraordinary but because you will realize what appreciation is worth of.”

He believes that if individuals start taking initiative to tell people about the difference they bring however small it may be, can make life simple.

Jim Piccolo believes, “Entrepreneurs are successful because of the hands that share their loads and hence it becomes even more important to understand the worth of each share.”

Business are built of people and not money

Few entrepreneurs have the ideology of starting ventures for money and some like Jim Piccolo thinks that loving people and using money is the right attitude and not the other way around.

“To live life to the fullest, we need to learn to give and for that we need to have and hence we earn to give back to the society”, Jim Piccolo says.

His philosophies have always made a difference in the life of people around and he target to continue the same with his life till he can.

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